Southwest Zone 1 Million Dialogue Movement

The Southwest Zone has commenced a movement to conduct 1 million faith-based dialogues, personal encouragements, home visits, and conversations to share Buddhism in 2015. Report your Dialogue Here!

Sensei’s Guidance
January 27, 2015
One-to-one dialogue is the great path toward realizing a peaceful and flourishing society based on Buddhist humanism. With a heart of encouragement, let’s earnestly and sincerely spread the brilliant light of friendship.

The purpose of this effort is to build momentum around a movement to share Buddhism with others and raise capable people. Rather than solely focusing on the “effect” of Gohonzon conferrals, we would like to create excitement about the small causes that create that result. This could mean sharing Buddhism with a friend or meeting with a member to chant. The essential goal of the 1 Million Dialogue Movement is not solely to reach a number; the aim is to sow a multitude of seeds of happiness in the lives of friends across the Southwest.

The definition of a dialogue is a 1-to-1 conversation about faith.
Examples may include:

  • A home visit
  • Sharing Buddhism in a conversation with a guest.
  • A conversation in which we personally encourage a member.

Although we would like to prioritize meeting face-to-face, phone dialogues and conversations may be included for those living in distant areas.

Please report your Dialogues here!