Monthly Archives: June 2014


Because the first Sunday of July falls on the 4th of July weekend, This Months WPPM will be held on Sunday July 13th at 10:00 am.

Please enjoy the Holiday weekend and stay safe.

Congratulations to La Cueva District.

Congratulations to La Cueva District for becoming Albuquerque’s 1st Champion District. This was accomplished by having 4 divisional leadership, 2 Groups, and at least 2 discussion meetings with attendance of at least 20 members, Subscriptions of over 20, and a minimum of 2 Shakabuku for the year.

June 1 WPPM

There is still time to make it to the June WPPM. We have an exciting meeting planned for today, and it is the last day for the May Special Contribution.
The Future Division is graduating today, and the Region Team has a special award to announce.

Creating Victory in the New Era – Daily Guidance 6-1

Just as the flowers open up and bear fruit, just as the moon appears and invariably grows full, just as a lamp becomes brighter when oil is added, and just as plants and trees flourish with rain, so will human beings never fail to prosper when they make good causes. ( The Third Day of the New Year, WND-1, 1013)