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Southwest Zone 1 Million Dialogue Movement

Please visit our page dedicated to this movement and report your dialogs about Buddhism with others. There is a link to the form for reporting your Dialogs.


Because the first Sunday of July falls on the 4th of July weekend, This Months WPPM will be held on Sunday July 13th at 10:00 am.

Please enjoy the Holiday weekend and stay safe.

Congratulations to La Cueva District.

Congratulations to La Cueva District for becoming Albuquerque’s 1st Champion District. This was accomplished by having 4 divisional leadership, 2 Groups, and at least 2 discussion meetings with attendance of at least 20 members, Subscriptions of over 20, and a minimum of 2 Shakabuku for the year.

June 1 WPPM

There is still time to make it to the June WPPM. We have an exciting meeting planned for today, and it is the last day for the May Special Contribution.
The Future Division is graduating today, and the Region Team has a special award to announce.

May Special Contribution Kick Off Meeting

There will be a Kick Off meeting at the community center on Sunday 4-26 beginning at 1:00 pm. Let challenge ourselves to make this years contributions really shine. We have recently had our main Gohonzon room remodeled. Our contributions during these campaigns are what makes these projects possible.

E-mail account holders

If you used to have a branded email account and would like to have access to one again, please contact me, Michael Baremore. I will need some information from you before I can set up the account and I will discuss this with you at that time. Currently the email will only be accessible through a web based interface only. When I can offer access through a mobile device or an email client such as Microsoft Outlook, I will inform the users at that time.